Tax Reduction Management

Is Your Accountant a Tax Manager or a Tax Preparer?

We do more than simply prepare business and personal income tax returns, we actively manage your tax situation as if it were our own. Once we better understand more about you and your business, we will:

    • Create a tax strategy customized for you and your business
    • Make ongoing recommendations
    • Provide you with any necessary instructions
    • Follow-up to ensure your tax strategy is implemented and on track
    • Step in, as necessary, and solve tax problems and handle the details by client authorized tax power of attorney
    • Prepare, as needed tax Indicator reports to alert you to the possibility of unexpected tax due. Tax Indicator reports are based on careful analysis of your monthly financial statements and your input regarding estimated future sales and expense
    • Discuss ideas to reduce your taxes to as little as legally possible

Once your tax strategy is implemented and confirmed, we prepare your business and personal income tax returns. Using our convenient web-based client portal, you review your tax returns, provide approval, and your tax returns are complete.

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