Profit and Growth Coaching

Are You Interested in Working Less and Making More Money?

Our profit and growth coaching process is designed to help business owners to get more from their business than just another day of work. Our process is designed for established entrepreneurs that have experienced a certain amount of success.

By being in business at least three years, having at least one employee, and annual sales of more than $100,000, we know that there is something special about you, and the way you do business. Yet, as many business owners become successful, they reach a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to move ahead. We call this common condition “The High Cost of Leaving the Boss Behind”, which helps to explain why business owners work too hard, for too little.

Working less and making more money requires guided efforts to question where you are, where you want to be, and to rethink how to get there. Encouragement is needed to be creative and break through obstacles, whether these stem from the economy, industry-related difficulty, individual circumstances or habits. Accountability is very helpful to keep you on track – a truly objective view about your business and your progress from someone who understands you and your business.

We understand the need for management plan development coupled with encouragement and accountability. We combined the words encouragement and accountability to create a new word – Encouragability® – and our Management Accountability Plan was born.

We’ll help you stop “being” a business, and start “building” a business!

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