At Business in Balance, it’s just the beginning of our organization moving forward with developing and implementing new ways to help our clients – a new website, a new logo, and an expanded new office. We have evolved through a number of new services offerings over the past 25+ years and recently our attention has been focused on helping clients make more money, while devoting attention to working less.

The result? We’ve attracted the attention of our clients, helping them achieve more in less time. We’ve also captured the attention of Thomson Reuters in their recent Solutions magazine publication, with an article exemplifying to other accountants across the world how we have reinvented the traditional client/accountant relationship. The introductory section of the article nicely sums up our forward-moving mission: “Business in Balance would rather you didn’t think of them simply as a tax and accounting firm. This firm specializes in going beyond tax and accounting services, delivering a better model for profit and growth.”

Please read about what Thomson Reuters says about us by clicking the link below. Then take a look at our new website! It’s just the beginning of a new type of relationship . . .

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