"The Dreaming Room launched me into action with a series of events that I would have never imagined. I started the Dreaming Room with a grief stricken heart, and jumbled thoughts about how to recover from my 19 year old daughter's death that occurred when she entered a notoriously dangerous road curve.  I finished the Dreaming Room with greater strength and a crystal clear vision for what God had planned for me to do.  I needed a higher purpose to help me walk through my grief and God used the Dreaming Room to focus my passion for my daughter to help other people.  Working through the process of creating my Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission helped me focus on the needs of others, which helped me channel my grief and heal more. The new organization "One Curve at a Time" began to come alive, and so did I.

One of the most difficult things I've ever done was talking about my daughter's death while delivering my whitepaper to my group of Dreamers. I was able to share my pain to a group of people I didn't know, and connect to them with the emotional message of my Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission.  That moment propelled me forward to be able to speak to groups with hundreds of empathetic people listening including the Missouri Department of Transportation.  As a result, there are now three dangerous road curves being reconstructed and a 4.5 mile stretch of dangerous roads slated for improvements.  We now have ten board of directors, and plans for inspiring and enabling others to change other dangerous roads "One Curve at a Time" all across America.

The Dreaming Room helped me set aside my fear, help me find my voice, and now I'm a voice for those who can't speak."
Shawn Archambault, President of Once Curve at a Time.org & KMA Foundation.org