Dreaming Room® Process

The real start-up or creation of a business happens before you start it.

Welcome to the Dreaming Room®

Did you know that the real start-up or creation of a business happens before you start it? To successfully start your company, or to grow your business to a new level, something needs to happen inside of you first. It’s a moment of inspiration, a flash of vision.  It’s when a secret is revealed to you for how to create greater value for your customer, and for you. It begins in the mind, the heart and the imagination all at once. It’s what happens in The Dreaming Room®.

Why The Dreaming Room®?

Most businesses are started by Technicians that are very good at technical work.  A chef or cook starts a restaurant, a dancer starts a dance studio, a carpenter becomes a home builder, all with a flash of initial entrepreneurial insight and energy that most often fades over time.  In his book The E-Myth Revisited, Michael E Gerber refers to this as the “entrepreneurial myth” (E-Myth).

The E-Myth describes the typical small business owner as not an Entrepreneur, but as a Technician suffering from a temporary entrepreneurial seizure.  The problem is that once a business is started, the Entrepreneur soon goes to sleep performing technical work while the strategic entrepreneurial work of the business is left undone.

To further help small business owners, Gerber began what he called the “Dreaming Room® experience”.  He invited current and potential business owners to attend a 3-day event, which he personally facilitated. The purpose of the experience was to learn how to create a business better than anything the participants could imagine or create by themselves.  The purpose of the Dreaming Room® was to awaken the entrepreneur within each participant. Fifty Dreaming Rooms later, a new book was born, called Awakening the Entrepreneur Within. Trained and licensed facilitators now use the Dreaming Room® process developed by Gerber to awaken entrepreneurs all across the world.

How Does The Dreaming Room® Work?

The Dreaming Room® provides a small group setting and step-by-step process for entrepreneurs like you to create, collaborate, and test ideas to develop or improve their businesses. It empowers you to construct a framework for doing business in an extraordinary way that will magnetically attract employees, suppliers, lenders, and customers to your business.

Over the course of 12 weeks, in a small group environment, you will create a written document, or “white paper”, expressing the foundation of your new business model, which will include:

  • Your Dream: The definition of the great result your company is designed to produce
  • Your Vision: The definition of the form your company will take
  • Your Purpose: The impact your company will have on your most important customer
  • Your Mission: The definition of how your business will be built as an intelligent system


How Does The Dreaming Room® Address Entrepreneurial Challenges?

The Dreaming Room® offers proven solutions for overcoming these challenges and reawakening the entrepreneur within you. Michael Gerber’s principles have been successfully applied to more than 70,000 businesses in 145 countries and are a large part of the foundation of the business development work we provide our clients. In fact, Rick Dopuch of Business in Balance was asked to be in the first training group of facilitators of the Dreaming Room Process® and Business in Balance is the sole licensee in St. Louis of this exclusive process.

Inside The Dreaming Room®

Participation in The Dreaming Room® is limited to 9 people.  In St. Louis, the Dreaming Room® is facilitated by Rick Dopuch, a licensed Michael E. Gerber Certified Dreaming Room® Facilitator. It takes place over the course of 12 weeks in the Dreaming Room® at our office. You will be applying a pragmatic step by step approach to building or rebuilding your business as you go, in weekly 3-hour sessions. Much of the work, however, happens between meetings, as your mind reacts to the stimulation of the program and the homework.


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