Do you have that person in your business?

Executives at large corporations like Google have relied on business coaches for years. I think small business owners need them more – mostly because they don’t have a good support system. It’s difficult for small business owners to find someone that knows them, knows their business, and can objectively see what’s holding them and their business back.

Business owners start out excited about leaving the boss behind but eventually come to realize how isolated and lonely it is without a boss. I know that’s the way it was for me. I can’t say that I ever really missed any of my old bosses. But there was a time when I did miss having a trusted adviser that’s there to brainstorm and talk through business strategy, work through problems, and talk about anxieties.

I hired my first business coach about 12 years ago and I’ll never forget what she said to me after evaluating my business. She said, “Rick, you deserve the employees you’ve got”. I was shocked! Once I recovered, I said, “Okaaay, tell me why you think that”. She then began to tell me about all the things I was not doing to help encourage the behavior I was looking for in my staff. And she was right (thank you Mary D’Amato). Armed with a new perspective, I took her advice seriously, and now have a dream team staff. If you are a client, you know what I’m talking about.

Running your own business is like any part of life – often you need someone else to help you see the simplest of things. Why do you think professional entertainers and athletes have coaches? Successful small business owners now have them, too. Someone asking the right questions and providing insight to better answers leads to better performance. Do you have that person in your business?