What Clients Say

Profit and Growth Coaching270% Growth in 5 Years“A group of professionals that understand the needs of the small business owner. They help you see strengths and weaknesses and they focus your attention on how to do more and make more with what you have. They have helped me work less hours and make more money.”

David Peistrup, Adelphi, Inc

Payroll Processing Services193% Growth in 3 Years“As an engineering firm we want to focus on what we do best… and outsource the rest. We hired Business in Balance because they are experts in the field of payroll processing and accounting. The attention and detail Business in Balance provides in our payroll processing, as well as, our accounting function has been impactful to our bottom line. In the past, we used a large payroll company and we encountered numerous errors in the monthly payroll process. With Business in Balance, we have gained accuracy, personalized service and improved accountability.

Business in Balance has also been responsible for compiling our FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Overhead Schedule Reports which have been provided to government agencies we work with. In using Business in Balance for these reports, we are able to use their extensive background and expertise when we are questioned by government agencies regarding any part of the FAR report. We have had an exceptional relationship with Business in Balance because of the trust and confidence we have in all of their services. With Business in Balance as our back end support team, we know we can concentrate on our engineering services and trust them to handle the payroll and accounting functions.”

George John, Engineering Design Source Inc.

Tax Reduction Management140% Growth in 4 YearsBusiness in Balance takes a high level of responsibility for managing the taxes that we pay. From payroll tax to income tax, sales & use tax to property tax, they are on top of it. They not only work routinely to actively reduce the tax we pay, but they make sure that our records can withstand tax audits.

Business in Balance recently managed our IRS and state sales & use tax audits both resulting in “no change”. I have no worries regarding taxes with Business in Balance on our team. I am very happy with all their back end support team services.”

Alan Westfall, Westfall Company Inc

Back End Support Team195% Growth in 5 Years“I wanted more than just a bookkeeping and tax preparation service. What I get with Business in Balance is a partner to consult with about sales, marketing, hiring, pricing, taxes and other business matters. As a result of just one of our coaching sessions, I was able to grow sales by 13% over the previous year.”

Denny Siesennop, Home Cleaning Centers of America

Back End Support Team43% Growth in 4 YearsI have no regrets leaving my previous accountant. Since starting with Business in Balance, they have become more like a “partner” that handles the accounting, tax and payroll side of my business. While owning a business and being a part of production, this alone has saved me thousands in tax benefits and time. But the most outstanding benefit is having someone to turn to with financial questions, new business ideas, and keeping me focused on the direction I want my business to grow. That’s priceless!”

Randy Slawski, Randell Prosthetics Inc

Back End Support Team310% Growth in 5 Years“Business in Balance has been my back end support team since 2006 and has consistently provided extraordinary monthly accounting, and tax services. Where they really shine is their ability to coach me in a way that enables me to improve my business. We started with 1 employee and now have 8, which requires a different organization. They have creatively helped to organize my business into a coherent system designed for excellent customer service and capacity for even more growth. I highly recommend Business in Balance as an excellent accounting firm and a remarkable business development team.”

David Deaton, St Louis Wine & Beermaking LLC.

Accounting Services21% Growth in 3 Years“Business In Balance has given us a wonderful 13 period/4 week financial reporting system for our 15 restaurants and continues to deliver world class service. They provide us with Operating Statements for each store and many other reports we use to run our business. The service is outstanding and timely – they make us feel as if our needs are put at the top of their list whenever we need something.”

Jenny Gamache, EJG Enterprises Inc.

Profit & Growth Coaching367% Growth in 5 YearsI initially hired Business in Balance to prepare my annual taxes but over the last 5 years, as my company’s needs have expanded, our working relationship has certainly evolved. Rick Dopuch, owner of Business in Balance, has been my business coach and has provided me and my company with focus strategies, encouragement and big picture approaches. He’s both a numbers and an idea guy, a rare find for an accountant. He’s never without a marker and his dry erase board, always ready to sketch out a chart, infographic or a visual to help you better understand. He listens, comprehends and has solutions. We’re very happy with the many services that Business in Balance has to offer.”

Cheree, Cheree Berry Paper

Profit & Growth CoachingStart-up to Mega EventBusiness in Balance has been a pivotal component in taking our event to the next level. As the event has grown year after year, they have helped us to make our internal process more organized by creating systems for position agreements, pay structures and task timelines. Their profit and growth coaching has allowed us to put these (and other) procedures in place to make our team accountable, which in turn gives us the ability to focus more on top level duties. We are on our way to making the event even more profitable – and actually working less. I would not have thought that possible if it wasn’t for Business in Balance and working with them as a Back End Support Team!”

K Sonderegger, Taste of St Louis Partnership Inc

Bookkeeping Services248% Growth in 5 Years“Business in Balance has taken great care of my accounting and bill paying functions for years. I make more money devoting more time to working on my business than doing accounting work. What has proved to make me even more money is the coaching process they took me through. They helped me to see how to rethink my business model to make more money and grow my business. Right now, I’m still working on the “work less” part! They’ve given me good ideas for that too. If these guys weren’t on my team, I would not be where I am today.”

John Kociela , Scissor King