Welcome to Business in Balance

Is your business in balance?

You may be looking for help balancing your books, but is your business in balance? Think of Business in Balance as your internal accounting department, working as your Back End Support Team® – B.E.S.T.® But we don’t stop there. We combine essential business services that help increase available resources – time & money – that enable you to focus more effort towards balancing profit and growth.

We are here to help you become a more effective entrepreneur, leader and manager. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide a package of services that results in less frustration for you, and more profit and growth for your business. We are the B.E.S.T.® you have been looking for, and we’ll work with you to customize a specific plan to put your business in balance!

Our dream

Our dream is to bring balance to small business owners while engaging their dreams. As our client’s primary trusted advisor, we are committed to pursuing the process of transforming their small business while keeping score of the results.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a client centered system of encouragement and accountability while building a personal relationship that will point the way for balancing profit and growth.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform small business owners into highly effective managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our mission

Our mission is to work side-by-side with our clients to reduce their tax burden, improve their accounting systems, and inspire them to balance profit and growth.

Our Core Company Values

Our values are a listing of our beliefs and behaviors that affect our everyday actions and help to account for our success.

We live with integrity
Clients place their trust in us, and we are worthy of their trust. We do what we say – we do what it takes to get effective results for our company, for our clients and ourselves.
We make a positive difference in peoples’ lives
We empower business owners, their employees, and our employees to make meaningful and necessary realizations and decisions that help them set and attain their objectives and enjoy life more fully.
We recognize and celebrate our value
We provide great value in helping to create, and by participating in, client successes as they experience greater rewards for their decisions and efforts. We produce timely results for our clients.
We are professionals
As professionals, we use and interpret complex theories and laws and communicate with clients using everyday language. Our environment, approach and communication strengthen the trust and confidence clients have in us.
We practice teamwork
We rely on each other to clearly understand the responsibilities of our positions, and to do what is required in order to ensure that our work gets done as needed with synchronicity to help each other and our clients.
We practice innovation and adapt to change
We are innovative thinkers and believe that most frustrations can be improved by continually asking, “How can we improve ourselves and our systems to do better tomorrow than we did today?”
We practice life balance
We work hard to promote a true work/life balance for our employees and our clients. We strive to help one another maintain healthy commitments to family, work and other interests.

What Others Say

"Reinventing the Client-Accountant Relationship. This firm specializes in going beyond tax and accounting services, delivering a better model for profit and growth. Business in Balance would rather you didn’t think of them simply as a tax and accounting firm. Instead, the Chesterfield, Mo.–based company acts as a Back End Support Team®—or B.E.S.T.®. Ultimately, everything the firm offers is designed to help small businesses grow and be more profitable. ” Download Article
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